8 Methods to Fix “SIM not provisioned” on Android

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Here’s the thing: A SIM card is a small chip that connects your cell phone to your carrier. People use a sim card on their cell phones to call, send texts, and access mobile data.

Now, if you’re still having “SIM not provisioned” errors on your device, your carrier can’t recognize your phone number, or it can’t establish a connection with your SIM card, then we have the solutions for you.

There are tons of factors that can cause this annoying “SIM not provisioned” error on your Android device. But, the most common one is when you use a recently-bought new SIM card or register a new number.

So, what can you do about to fix “SIM not provisioned” error? You can always go to a shop to buy a different new sim card or send your Android phone for diagnostics and repairs, but that could expend precious time and money.

Besides, you wouldn’t want to spend more money on another new SIM card, right just because of the “SIM not provisioned” error? But don’t you worry! To help you, we listed a few methods to fix “SIM not provisioned” error on your Android device.

With these tips, you can fix “SIM not provisioned” error problem in a few minutes to save time and money. Check out our list of 8 methods to fix “SIM not provisioned” error problems on your Android phones!

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8 Solutions to The “SIM Card not provisioned” Problem On Your Android

Here are the 8 solutions to fix the “SIM Card not provisioned MM#2” error. Although this problem primarily affects users who have a recently-bought SIM card, there are different situations where this problem can bother you.

Whatever the cause of the error might be, you can try these simple methods to fix your new sim card problem. You can avoid availing expensive repairs if one of these works. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1.Clean The New SIM Card

8 methods to fix "SIM not provisioned" on Android - JoyofAndroid.com

Sometimes, the problem is the connection of your SIM card slot with your device. Dirt can accumulate on your device and SIM card slot, so that can interfere with the contact between the two. Maintain your SIM card slot and its holder clean at all times. Also, the SIM card must be dry before inserting it back into your phone.

2. Try Restarting Your Android Phone

8 methods to fix "SIM not provisioned" on Android - JoyofAndroid.com

Although it might sound ridiculous, restarting your phone can fix some errors with your device. Restarting your cell phone can make it run smoother, avoid crashes, and retain its memory. Try to restart your phone and most of the time this works.

When you restart your phone, you clear open apps and memory leaks. Use the standard procedures to restart your phone and make sure to wait for a few minutes for your phone to set up. You’ll no longer see the pesky error notification on your phone and your SIM card will most likely work.

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3. Activate Your New SIM Card

8 methods to fix "SIM not provisioned" on Android - JoyofAndroid.com

Newly bought SIM cards usually activate within a day after using it with your new phone. If your new SIM card does not activate within that timeframe, don’t panic. To activate the sim card, mostlikely you have to contact your provider.

Here are some methods to activate a new SIM card easily. So, don’t worry and follow these steps below to solve the error on your device.

  • Inquire to your carrier.
  • Try sending a text message using your cell phone.
  • Activate the new SIM card through the website of your service provider.
  • Activate the SIM card according to what your service provider will instruct you.

These methods work in most cases and should fix your problem especially if you just bought a new phone.

4. Insert SIM Card According to Instructions

8 methods to fix "SIM not provisioned" on Android - JoyofAndroid.com

When your SIM card is not working suitably, it might be inserted incorrectly on your device. If the connection between your device and the SIM isn’t stable, your phone will notify you of it.

To remedy this annoying problem, eject the SIM card from your phone carefully and be sure that it’s clean. Before putting it back, make sure to wipe it with a clean cloth for good measure and also make sure it is properly inserted.

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Please follow the proper instructions in inserting a SIM card on your Android. If it doesn’t fit, you can try putting pieces of paper on your device, but don’t force it too much.

5. Test Your Other SIM Card Slot

If your Android phone offers Dual SIM card capabilities, try your SIM card in the other slot. Corrupted card slots can cause errors between the connection of your smartphone and the SIM.

6. Try The SIM Card With Other Devices

8 methods to fix "SIM not provisioned" on Android - JoyofAndroid.com

If you’re not sure what caused the error or tried all the methods before this, don’t lose hope. Test the SIM card on other Android devices or another phone to see if it works. Safely eject the SIM card and insert it on other smartphones. Doing this can help you determine if your device is faulty, or your SIM card is the problem. It will be also one option to try the SIM card to a new phone.

7. Ask Your Carrier For Help

8 methods to fix "SIM not provisioned" on Android - JoyofAndroid.com

If your SIM card is not activated, you can contact your network provider using another device. Try to describe the problem accurately and the ways you tried to fix your SIM card. When you contact your carrier, they will be aware of the problem and will be able to help you.

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Be patient how your network provider responds because getting angry will not solve your problem. They will try to investigate what caused the error on your device. It could be a problem on their server or the chip. Whatever the cause, your network provider will try to solve them for you.

8. Replace Your SIM Card

8 methods to fix "SIM not provisioned" on Android - JoyofAndroid.com

If you’re out of luck, and none of these methods above work, maybe its time to get a different SIM card. Go to your carrier store and request another SIM card.

Don’t forget to tell your carrier about the error on your device and the methods you tried to remedy the problem. Hopefully, they can diagnose and fix your device without having to get another SIM card. If nothing works, they’ll give you a new SIM card to use on your Android to restore it to its regular and working functions.

Related Questions Other People Ask

What does “SIM not provisioned MM#2” mean?

Tons of factors can cause this error on your Android device, but it mostly affects users who use brand-new SIM cards on their phones. This error could mean that your SIM isn’t activated, or you need to replace your old and damaged SIM card.

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What is a SIM?

SIM, in short for the Subscriber Identification Module, is a small device that has information about the user.

Can I use my phone without a SIM?

Of course, however, it would be impossible to call your friends, text them, or use mobile data. Also, you can still use the other features of your phone without a problem.

To Sum It All Up

The “SIM not provisioned” error on Android mostly affects people using a brand-new SIM card on their device.If that isn’t the case, and you’re still getting this notification, you might need to contact your carrier to replace your SIM card.

But before giving up and contacting your carrier for repairs, these few methods we listed above could fix your problem. You can try each one of them to fix the annoying error on your Android device.

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