How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android

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You would be lying if you say you don’t use a chatting app. Chatting has become a part of our lives and it’s next to impossible to find a smartphone in today’s world without a chatting app. And why not? Chatting on smartphones has brought us closer than ever before as we can reach out and connect with people instantly.

More and more people are joining the chatting apps and thus, with the rise of chatting, more and more companies are taking on the chatting app development game and making their mark.

While Whatsapp vs Signal vs Telegram has been an ongoing debate as to which is the most secure chatting app to use, there are quite a few other players in the market that are virtually unknown; completely hidden in the shadow cast by these messaging app giants.

Some of the other secure messaging apps include Threema, Silence, Viber, and of course, Kik. Although these apps aren’t as popular as Whatsapp, they surely are worth a try if you are looking for a change or have privacy concerns.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Kik app and learn all about it, along with how you can install Kik themes on Android to make your chatting experience more fun. Read on!

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What is Kik?

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Kik is a cross-platform chatting app, built especially for teens and young adults to chat with whomever, whenever. It is an instant messaging app connecting you with people from around the world and sharing photos, videos, stickers, and GIFs real quick.

It was founded by a group of University of Waterloo students in 2009 when cross-platform chat, i.e., between Blackberry, iOS, and Android was not possible.

So in a way, Kik is a pioneer of such type of messaging. It strives to become a leader in the chatting apps for teens market. The best part of using the Kik app is that it doesn’t require  a phone number to start chatting. All you need is a username and you can get started.

Kik preserves a user’s anonymity by only recording the username and name when a user registers. Besides, it collects the IP addresses of Kik users to determine their location and doesn’t store or even ask the phone number whatsoever.

On what devices is the Kik app available?

Kik chatting app is available on Android and iOS. If you have an Android phone with Android version 4.1 or above, you are qualified to use the app. The app has more than 100M installs on the Play Store.

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You would get the new features quite regularly as the app had its last update on July 15, 2021. The app is free to use, however, it offers in-app purchases as well.

What are the features of the Kik app?

Moving on, let me walk you through the key features of the Kik app.

  • Chat one-on-one, with groups, or with bots
  • Text using emojis, GIFs, stickers, and words
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Install Kik themes to customize chats
  • Do quizzes, play games, get fashion tips, news, advice, and more with bots
  • Send messages with unique Kik codes
  • Meet new friends with similar interests
  • New feature updates

What is Kin?

Kik has partnered with its cryptocurrency Kin to provide Kik users with some great premium themes.  It is a digital currency similar to Kik points with which you can redeem points for custom emojis and stickers by watching video ads.

However, it is slightly different from Kik Points as it has real monetary value, just like any other cryptocurrency. It is intended to be used not just on Kik, but also in other services and apps.

How to install Kik themes on Android?

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Kik themes is something not every Kik user is aware of. However, you are at luck if you own an Android device as you can utilize the Kik themes on the Kik app. iPhone user? Unfortunately, Kik themes aren’t available in iOS yet, but they might bring it to iOS soon.

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Once you install Kik themes, you will be able to customize the theme of individual chat screens. For instance, if you prefer dark backgrounds and elements, Kik offers a ‘Midnight’ theme, for a more chilling and relaxing mood, ‘Zen Garden’ would be the right one.

Currently, Kik themes are only available on Kin Marketplace. So to install Kik themes, you will have to make an in-app purchase.In two steps, you can quickly install Kik themes on your Android device – buying Kik theme on Kin Marketplace and setting Kik theme in chats. To install Kik themes on Android, follow these steps.

1. Buy Kik theme on Kin Marketplace

Step 1:

On the main chat list of the Kik app, tap the Plus + icon

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Step 2:

Choose Kin Marketplace Beta

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Step 3:

Locate Chat Themes and tap it

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Step 4:

Here, you will find the available themes along with their cost in Kin. Select the theme of your interest.

Step 5:

Hit Buy

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Step 6:

If you did not buy Kin yet, you might be prompted to buy Kin first. Select Go To Marketplace. If you already have purchased Kin, go ahead with your theme purchase.

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Step 7:

Finally, tap Confirm purchase and close the Marketplace once you buy the theme

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2. Setting Kik theme on chat screen

Step 1:

Open the chat where you would like to set the Kik theme

Step 2:

Tap on the group or individual’s name on top the chat screen

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Step 3:

Select Change Chat Theme

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

Step 4:

Look out for the theme you installed form the Marketplace

Step 5:

Select the theme and tap Set Theme to set it on the chat screen

How to Quickly Install Kik Themes on Android: Ultimate Guide -

That is all! Once you set the theme, you’ll be taken to the chat screen and you’ll find your newly installed Kik theme rocking the chat.


How do you get more themes for Kik?

You can get more themes for Kik from Kin Marketplace Beta. Tap + > Kin Marketplace Beta > Chat Themes. Now, select your favorite theme and hit Buy. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase.

How do you change the chat theme on Kik?

Go to the chat and tap the chat name on top of the screen. Select Change Chat Theme and choose from the installed Kik themes to change the theme for the chat.

Are Kik themes available for free?

No, Kik themes aren’t free to install. You will have to buy Kik themes from the Kin Marketplace Beta on the Kik app.

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Connect safely with Kik

Personally, Kik is the most fun chatting app out there with some serious security features. Although just like every coin has two sides, abusers have time and again tried to play the naughty game on it. Young users, especially, are attracted to the privacy features it offers, and this might be the reason for its popularity among said group.

Installing Kik themes is possible with Kin Marketplace. You can buy your favorite Kik themes and customize your chat experience by setting your kind of mood. Setting up Kik themes is really easy and is a matter of just a few seconds.

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