WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch With Podcasts And Walkie-Talkie Apps

The Features Of WatchOS 5 For Apple Watch


WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch is the new hearsay of the season. This unique watch from Apple brings along various features that take the watch to the next generation. The watch OS has features like automatic health detection, heart rate, walkie-talkie feature, and, most importantly, podcasts. It is one watch that is truly a must-have. 

The Features Of WatchOS 5 For Apple Watch


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  1. The Walkie-Talkie app- it brings an entirely new way to chat with friends and family. Using a simple push to talk function just like a traditional walkie-talkie. Moreover, this watch helps to send requests to friends to enable this feature. From then on, you can press the talkie button in the app to send your voice from your apple watch to your friends’ apple watch. Furthermore, this feature works with the help of an internet connection or cellular Wi-Fi. The voice quality is sharp and clear.
  2. Podcast App- the podcast is another feature of the apple watch. Podcast on apple watch syncs with the podcast app on iOS. It keeps in place no matter which device you are listening on. You can also ask the podcast to play your favorite podcast, and new episodes are automatically refreshed, and they are added to your subscribed shows.
WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch With Podcasts And Walkie-Talkie Apps
WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch With Podcasts And Walkie-Talkie Apps

Some Other Features Of watchOS 5 for Apple Watch


  • Watch OS 5 also focuses on new Siri features and improvements to help make the assistant more useful than ever. The Siri watch face can now display more information like sports, maps, and heart rates right on the watch face. 
  • The new Siri shortcut feature you will now ge5t personalized suggestion for apps or other information that can be useful, or you might want on your watch. The third-party developers can take advantage of these new features, especially Siri shortcuts. 
  • Moreover, Siri also works with ‘hey Siri’ voice comment. All you need to do is raise your hand and say, hey Siri. And Siri will automatically begin to assist you with your request. 
  • Furthermore, the notification on the apple watch has been improved to reduce clutter as it can be seen under one group itself. You need to scroll through many notifications.
  • Moreover, there are several new watches faces available in this new apple watch like a breathe face. This feature helps you with some functional breathing exercises. New motion faces are also open if you raise your arm like fire, water, vapor, and liquid metal face feature.

Health Activity And Workout Features


Apple OS 5 offers with some workout features like activity competition and automatic workout detection.

  • Activity Competition- it helps the friends and family compete with each other if you have already shared your activity information with them. Moreover, it helps you to challenge your friends for a healthy competition in which you can also win points when you complete your given task. It is one of the healthy ways to compete against one another and earn points.
  • Automatic Workout Detection- the watch automatically detects if you have started your workout. It will by self begin to track your workout information even when you have forgotten to hit the workout button.
WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch With Podcasts And Walkie-Talkie Apps
WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch With Podcasts And Walkie-Talkie Apps


This watch is at the next level. This watch is something that every individual will want to possess. It has features that one needs in day to day life. Furthermore, this watch will minimize the use of cell phones as it has almost everything one can think of. 



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