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Wallet Phone Cases- 10 Best Phone Cases

A wallet phone case is a phone case that allows you to leave your wallet back home. Wallet phone cases provide your storage spaces for your card and money. This wallet phone cases are pocket-friendly and keep you from carrying too many things.

1. WenBelle Blazer Wallet Phone Case; iPhone 6,6S

Simplicity at it’s best. With a thick and rigid material, this wallet phone case ensures quality protection to your phone and comes in the classic flip model. This phone case allows you to hold your cards, license, and some money. So all your essentials are a flip away. It comes in three colors: grey, brown and blue.

Wallet Phone Cases- 10 Best Phone Cases

Wallet Phone Cases- 10 Best Phone Cases

2. Bastex Back Wallet Mirror Phone Case; iPhone 6 Plus, 6S plus

Not only are we talking about storage options but also an all-new phone case with a mirror. For quick peaks to staring at it for hours, here’s a phone case that understands your need to look your best at all times and saves you time from hunting for mirrors. With sleek design, it comes with hidden storage space. The case opens up from the back to a mirror and card carrier. You can now store money and essentials without having to worry.

3. Arae Flip Wallet Case; iPhone 6,6S

Here’s a phone case in the disguise of a wallet phone case. With a classic appeal of a wallet, this phone case opens up and provides you slots to place your money and cards. The TPU inner skin cover ensures your phone remains anti-scratch and safe. It comes in a spectrum of colors to fit your preference.

Wallet Phone Cases- 10 Best Phone Cases

Wallet Phone Cases- 10 Best Phone Cases

4. Silk Slim Wallet Phone Case; iPhone 6,6S

As the name suggests, this phone case comes with a thin and slim body. It has a strong body to protect your phone. The phone case has slits on its sides that allow you to slide in your cards and money. This design also keeps it subtle that you’re carrying your money on your phone while never compromising on the looks.

5. Vofolen Wallet Phone Case; iPhone6, 6S

A wallet phone case that comes with an innovative design. It has a sliding back door that allows you to keep your cards and cash. The phone cover itself is a hybrid material that ensures the best protection for your phone. Wit precise cutting for all slots and camera, this cover fits like skin to your phone.

6. JD Heavy Duty Wallet Phone Case; Google Pixel

For a brand new phone, it is often difficult to find perfect covers. Here’s one that not only looks after your phone’s safety but also keeps all your essentials together. With a classic flip phone case, this cover acts as your wallet with slots to carry your cards.

7. Joopapa Wallet Case; Samsung Galaxy S6

If you’re looking for a wallet space attached to your phone, look no more. With a rigid and trustworthy phone case, this cover comes with a wallet attached to it. With ( builtin card slots that will make you forget any wallet, this cover combines wallets and phone covers like no other.

8. Abacus24-7 Wallet Phone Case; Samsung Galaxy Note 5

A leather made phone case to ensure the best feel and quality. It has a foldable stand accessory for the best of the media viewing experience. With built-in slots for cards and a pocket to keep cash, this wallet phone case has you covered for your days.

9. Aroko Dermis Wallet Case; Samsung Galaxy S7

This is a wallet turned phone case. With specific slots and storage spaces for your cards, cash and even money, this case comes with a phone case. It has a design that makes the whole experience smooth while never failing to be a positive hybrid.

10. E L V Leather Flip Wallet Cases; Galaxy S7 Edge

Where style meets functionality. A wallet turned into a functional phone case. Separate slots for cash and coins, card slots and a flip phone case. The young design keeps it chic and allows you to flaunt your multipurpose purchase like no other.


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