UAG Monarch: Some Important Features -

UAG Monarch: Some Important Features

UAG Monarch: Some Important Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus indeed comes with a high level of water and dust resistance, but what about its chances of breakage? Since the front and rear panels are made of glass, the phone can break very easily if dropped from a height. Thus, comes in the UAG Monarch. This case offers MIL-STD810G drop protection. We will see how the case works in protecting your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus from any breakage.

UAG Monarch: Some Important Features

UAG Monarch: Some Important Features

UAG Monarch For Side And Back Protection

It might be tempting to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus without a case. However, it is wise to use the UAG Monarch case for your phone’s protection. You will feel better and more importantly, the case will extend the life of your phone.

The phone already has a screen protector, which means getting the UAG monarch will offer side and back protection. Though it will cover the Aura Glow hue of the device, it is better to have it protected.

UAG Monarch Speaks Of Style And Affordability

You will get the case at $59.95, which is not a huge amount. Apart from this, the protection is available in crimson and black colors making the model stylish enough to meet your requirements.

This series is the perfect end style at UAG coming with double military standard protection. The case also features sound quality metal and leather integration. It even has an excellent looking side honeycomb traction grip making it easier for the users to hold onto their device.

UAG Branding And Lower Back

The lower back of the case is made up of leather, metal, and plastic. The corners have some special reinforcement. Thus, remain assured of protected drops. The rear part of this case is of plastic material in a black matte color. The screws in the corner are of alloy.

You can sue the case with Samsung Pay and wireless charging as well. Nevertheless, you will have to check it with different gears because of its thickness.

UAG Monarch: Some Important Features

UAG Monarch: Some Important Features

Left Side Buttons

UAG makes it easier for the users of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus to use the three buttons on the left side of the phone. They can easily activate these buttons by using the Monarch case. Also, the case has textured sides for helping the users hold on to their devices securely.

What About The Bottom View?

The Monarch case has special openings for USB-C port, S Pen, speaker and mic at its bottom. Despite these openings being in place, the case still has a lot of material for protecting the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

It is quite natural for the users to remove the S Pen while their device is still mounted in the drop protection case. The sides of the case are slightly raised for offering proper screen protection. The manufacturers have also carefully cut it for allowing complete functionality of the Edge Panels.

Now, you have an idea about what this case provide and what it cannot. It is better to use it to protect your costly smartphone.

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