The Best Video Editing Apps For Smartphones in 2019

Adobe Premiere Rush



There are video editing apps for amateurs and adults, according to their proficiency in the skill. Video editing app democratizes the entire process of video editing. Adults and children alike can try their hand video editing through apps.

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A simple smartphone is enough, to begin with. Video editing app on smartphones makes it easy for everyone to work with it. And it is portable, which means that anyone can work on their video at any time. Some of the video editing app is more intuitive and powerful. Some of the best video editing app of 2019 are-

Adobe Premiere Rush-Video Editing Apps

Adobe Premiere Rush is a cross-platform video editing app. It is available on all operating systems: Android, iOS, and Windows. This video editing app supports multi-track editing. Another added benefit of Adobe Premiere Rush is that it lets you export videos to YouTube directly. It supports 4K resolution, as well. It is a free video editing app. However, this video editing app is suitable for those who want to test out their skills in the domain. It was primarily designed for those who wanted to edit fast, on the go, and for a social network. Moreover, it can add mix audio, add a background track, and edit on multiple tracks simultaneously.

The Best Video Editing Apps For Smartphones in 2019
The Best Video Editing Apps For Smartphones in 2019

LumaFusion (iOS)

LumaFusion is one of the best video editing app available on iOS. It supports multi-track editing. Like Adobe Premiere Rush, you can directly export videos to YouTube through this app. This video editing app does not allow you to sync to iCloud. The target audience for this video editing app are journalists, video producers, and filmmakers. This app is to enable them to capture visuals and footage on the go. Moreover, there are six tracks for audio, video inclusive of images, title tracks, and graphics. The major benefit of this video editing app is that it offers 4K Ultra HD, keyframing, and offers color correction. Furthermore, it is equipped with a full-functioning audio mixer. As most social networks have a vertical orientation, this video editing app supports that orientation. One aspect to keep in mind is that you cannot sync between the different devices.

The Best Video Editing Apps For Smartphones in 2019
The Best Video Editing Apps For Smartphones in 2019

KineMaster Pro (Android)- Video Editing Apps

KineMaster Pro is regarded as the most professional video editing available on Android. Like the apps mentioned above, it also supports multi-track editing. It is a feature-rich app that focuses on professional-level video editing. It supports precision in trimming videos and lets you see every detail, frame by frame. The app also facilitates audio editing. However, you can see instant previews of your work here and give attention to details. While the app is available to download for free, it includes a watermark in the videos. The only way to remove the watermark is to get the paid version of the app. Moreover, one of the benefits of the KineMaster video editing app is that it offers chroma key composition. You can also add 3D transitions to your videos.


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