Smartphone Tips And Tricks To Make Your Experience Great -

Smartphone Tips And Tricks To Make Your Experience Great

smartphone tips and tricks

Advancement has made the countrymen see the better view. With the development of technology, it’s too convenient to do various tasks and even reach anyone within seconds. Smartphones are the best of all as they are easy to carry and have been doing a good job. Each day the IT sector is doing more and more and bringing the latest features that can be made available on smartphones. However, the standard population is far from reach. We need to make them aware of it so that they can benefit a little more. Below are discussed a few features that have been added to devices.

Run Apps Side-By-Side

Some of you are still not aware of the full features offered by the smartphone. There is a feature where you can run two or more apps simultaneously. This is even termed as a floating window. It just works like a pro, where we can use two apps, side-by-side and conveniently. This is very easy to use, and you even find it handy when you want to display photos, optimize your social networking, or multitask, although it’s a bit too laggy for gaming as gaming requires a better screen display. To adjust the splitting mode, you need to tap the overview button-up and choose among your recently viewed apps. You can hold it and drag it to the left or right of the display, then select your next app which you want to run simultaneously. It’s convenient to know about the feature. Still, if you find any difficulty, you can look up the video on various sites.

Looking For A Better Version To See Images Clearly

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The next feature that comes up is the display size. Many among us face issues while reading text or viewing pictures. But smartphones have solved this problem too. You can make text and images more visible by adjusting the setting. With the help of the zoom screen, you can easily pinch it according to your area. If you wish to enlarge it, you can zoom it in, and if you want to see the smaller version, you can pinch it out. This way, you can quickly view your data, and it becomes convenient for the ones with poor eyesight. They even have a permanent solution to it that if you wish to change the font style or size, you can directly visit the setting app choose the display option, and select your convenient size.

Disabling The Lock Screen At Home

The next fantastic feature that turns up is the disabling of your look screen at the home page. The smartphone has given various options for unlocking our device from the past few years, including the face, password, fingerprint, and much more. If you want to keep up your device safe, you need to set a PIN code to scan and unlock your phone. This is highly protective if your device contains personal data. But due to this, we find great difficulty accessing our apps, so to avoid this problem, Google’s Smart Lock has given instant access to our apps when we are at our place. From settings, you can turn on smart lock and enjoy the benefits. Once you start running it, you will want the latest advancement, which will serve all your needs.


So I hope you must have got to know the new features brought up by the smartphones and the standard population is yet far from it. There is much more advanced that is being done each day. If you wish to know them all, you need to keep yourself aware of the latest news in the IT sector.

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