Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What To Know -

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What To Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What To Know

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and it is working fine, then there is no need for you to move to Note 10 Plus. Nevertheless, if you are on the lookout of a business phone with improved S Pen potential and speed, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is for you. The phone comes as an improvisation of Note 9. Here, we will be having a detailed brush-up of its new features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What To Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What To Know


Note 9 users will find that Note 10 Plus feels better in their hands. It is because of its less thickness. The phone is wider than other phones, and its edges tend to be flatter in comparison to the others in the S10 collection. The screen curvature and width performance will depend on the size of the user’s hands.

It would feel amazing to look at the Note 10 Plus as it has a thin black line at its top and its bottom. The phone features three rear cameras that offer excellent clicks with 12 default modes and an exclusive zoom-in audio feature. It picks up focused audio when zoomed in.

Software Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

One User Interface comes as a great upgrade to the previous versions of Samsung Galaxy. The UI provides an immaculate user experience. The users also get gesture-based navigation options. It includes Samsung’s very own applications like calendar, image gallery, contacts, email, web browser software, and music player.

The Note 10 by Samsung is a major upgrade with its ability to pinch to zoom; changing text color and exporting the text to PDF, image, and Word. You will also find a highly functional video editor featuring Adobe Rush. There is this S Pen that allows the users to tune their videos with editing potential.

Thin And Wide Structure Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The thin and wide structure of the phone makes it a useful gadget for people with large hands. The phone perfectly fits in pant and short pockets, making it a product worth purchasing. If you have long been on the lookout of a phone that gives you easy riddance from accidental scree presses, Note 10 is for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What To Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What To Know

Regular Use And Experience

If you have an old Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or even a Note 9, you can always get excellent benefits from trade-in deals. You can also look for exclusive deals within a few months of the launch of the Note 10. The phone has set a good bar with its exquisite features and easy usability for the phones coming in from other brands.


The Note 10 by Samsung galaxy is priced a bit lower in comparison to Note 9, ideal for some budget-buyers. It is a phone that provides the same features and functionality like the other smartphones of its genre but within a price that is relatively low. It is a powerful smartphone that will catch the attention of Note fans.

So, if you are planning to buy it, get an idea about these important points.

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