PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update

PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update: New Weapons Game Mode

In the spirit of the Halloween season, the mobile version of PUBG has updated the game. This is the PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update. The new update will kickstart your Halloween enthusiasm into the game, as well. It has new zombie modes. Another exciting addition is the introduction of a killer clown.

What You Need To Know

Firstly, the new update, Version 0.15.0, introduces a Halloween unique theme, inclusive of a zombie mode 2.0. It also has an explosive new Payload Mode, which features fiery and exciting new weapons and helicopters.

The PUBG mobile version update also introduces the Desert Eagle pistol and BRDM-2 armoured vehicles. These features are available across all the maps in-game. The PUBG mobile version update also offers firearm tweaks, and it includes general performance improvements as well.

The other upgrades in the gameplay give the players the capacity to jump and grasp onto ledges. This comes with the addition of volatile fuel barrels.

PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update: New Weapons Game Mode

PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update: New Weapons Game Mode

Why This PUBG Mobile Version Update Is Important

The latest update is a pretty massive one. As it is the Halloween themed special update, it comes fully loaded with a whole new set of challenges. These are challenges that are important for those gamers who love collecting rewards and enjoy cosmetic upgrades. While there are minor and major changes included in the update, the most striking and important one is the addition of the new EvoGround mode, called Payload Mode. This Payload Mode on PUBG will introduce heavy weapons such as RPGs, grenade launchers. PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update has a minigun that will be available to the players.

 The new model supports a recall system to revive dead teammates. This is a long-overdue feature as it is already available on other gaming applications. Another exciting addition to the PUBG mobile update is giving the players the ability to jump into the cockpit of a helicopter. The main reason behind this is to allow them to get across on the map quickly.

 Other Updates On the PUBG Mobile Version

Zombie: Survive Til Dawn 2 has been “Halloweenized” through pumpkin-headed monsters and gangs of killer clowns, who take over abandoned factories and strongholds. At the same time, The Darkest Night will be down temporarily. This is to finetune further and refine the model.

The much-awaited Desert Eagle Pistol marks its arrival on PUBG Mobile, a .45ACP ammo with a seven-round magazine.

PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update: New Weapons Game Mode

PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update: New Weapons Game Mode

The fuel cans will now explode when shot at or damaged through other means.  The cans can also perpetrate damage to nearby players.

As with most significant updates, PUBG developers have worked to optimize the weapon-loading logic. This aims to cut down on lagging when players come into the screen.

The update 0.15.0 version is equipped with improved graphics and seamlessness on lower-end devices. The update also works, reducing the impact of overheating on the CPU.

The PUBG mobile update has yet again added great features and functionalities to a game that is already vigorous, feature-rich and is still entirely free to play. 

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