Positive Effects And Negative Effects Of Smartphone

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In the course of evolution of science, the Smartphone is perhaps the most celebrated invention to ever happen to mankind. This wonder device catches certain electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere and turns them into a communicating machine. Today, every second person you come across is using a Smartphone for sure. However, most of them know little or nothing at all of the positive effects and negative effects of using a Smartphone. Even though the positive impacts are quite visible and widely discussed over several platforms nowadays, the negatives go unnoticed.

Every single day is a new launching day in the field of smartphones. With upgraded features and even more handy structures, these news kids in the block make enough buzz among the crowd. However, here we’ll keep away the statistical part of the discussion and focus on the positive effects and negative effects. If you’re yet to dive into the Smartphone-using bandwagon or planning to buy one for your teenage child, hear us. Here we’ll analyze a few of the several effects that a Smartphone can have over you. Read on.

Positive Effects And Negative Effects Of Smartphone
Positive Effects And Negative Effects Of Smartphone

Positive Effects And Negative Effects Packaged Together

It’s a universal truth that everything on this earth has both positive effects and negative effects at the same time. You cannot deny the flip side while enjoying the brighter side of anything. The same idea holds true for smartphones too. Obviously, the connectivity throughout the whole world has reached a whole new dimension with smartphones. You can keep in touch with people in the distant corners of the globe without a hiccup. This is by far the most convenient way to communicate. However, you cannot ignore the endless digital trap you are putting yourself into. The negative effects are even more dangerous than we think it is.

Positive Effects And Negative Effects On Youth

Needless to say, the field of the Smartphone manufacturing industry is a booming one right now. Several new features and characteristics are here to boggle your mind every single day. However, this tiny device is accumulating the whole wide world at hour reach simply with a click. The growing facilities of the internet blur the fine line between reality and imagination. You don’t have to put yourself out there in order to get global news. The several waves are there to do that for you. It feels like the universe is right in your room that seemed a distant dream before smartphones.

Technologically Charged Or Challenged?

However, there lies a question. With the immense advancement of technology, it seems quite easy to reach out to your dear ones. But, is it all sunshine here? Ain’t you skipping the dark clouds of concern? Can’t you see that the very technology that is keeping you updated is actually diluting your spontaneous energy? Of course, you are missing out on something terrible. It’s true that smartphones give you the pleasure of video-calling, news resourcing, and many more. But, the same technology is exposing you to the big bad world of the dark web and other cybercrime issues. Several young minds are falling prey to the weird obsession of life-threatening games. Therefore, smartphones make you technologically challenged too.

Positive Effects And Negative Effects Of Smartphone
Positive Effects And Negative Effects Of Smartphone

Smartphone Is The Oxymoron In Society

Admit it. Your Smartphone is your best friend in this generation. In the time when we are talking about building a healthy society, we are ignoring the silent enemy that resides among us. Smartphones have social media platforms that allow you to make friends over the virtual world. You strike a conversation, make connections and therefore make friends. Have you ever thought that you are moving away from reality? A virtual society is all you have, with people who won’t be there when you’re in trouble. Therefore, smartphones are the oxymoron in our society.

To conclude, we must acknowledge and consider both the positive effects and negative effects of using smartphones. Don’t let the device control you rather do the opposite.

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