One Plus 6 and One Plus 6t oxygen OS 10.0 Android 10 stable update starts rolling out


According to the recent research, One Plus has revealed that it is going to give out the updates for the One Plus 6 users. It is going to give an update about gradually, and the users will be able to share the feedback as well. With the input, they will be more improvement for the continuous updates. The team will be able to focus on the issues given by the users and fix them as well. The more problems and backlogs get reported, the more team will be able to work with full force on the Android 10 stable update.

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It is because of our fingerprint issue that One Plus not being able to give out the updates for the One Plus 6 users. But now it is a good thing that the problem has been fixed, and the updates are soon to be rolled out. Oxygen OS open beta updates give out it’s Android ten just the earlier month and right now the oxygen OS has a stable platform. Even the 10.10 version has the best upgrade, which is suitable for the One Plus 6 and One Plus 6t Smartphones. The One Plus 7 and One Plus 7 Pro has been able to get the update very recently. But, indeed, One Plus 5 and One Plus 5t users have to wait for a long time, and the update will not come before 2020. 

The update is 1.8 GB, and it will come out within a few days. If you do not want to come out for the auto-update, then you can go for the update link in the official website. There are various changes that you can find in the new update, and we are going to talk about it soon. 

System Update

Now you will be able to get Android 10 in One Plus 6 as well as the user interface will be new. Not only that, but you will also get privacy permissions along with location permission. It has the best of customization feature, and you can also get fantastic quick settings option. 

There are various bug fixes and improvements that you can have with the new system update. 

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Full-Screen Update- Android 10 Stable Update

Now you can have in Word Swipe addition, and you can move from left to right quickly. Not only that but the navigation bar is something to look out for, and you can get recent applications. There is an added game space feature so that you can have a marvellous gaming experience. 

Also, the display will depend on various locations and events, and you can even get the ambient display feature. In addition to that, you can also now blocked the spam messages with the help of keywords. 

With the new updates, the One Plus 6 users will be able to get the best changes that they have been looking for. It will be able to give them the best improvements and Technical advancements to make the user interface easier. Now you will be able to get the One Plus 6 and One Plus 6t update within a few days. 


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