New iPhone 11: The Top Features -

New iPhone 11: The Top Features

New iPhone 11: The Top Features

Mobiles phones are an essential part of an individual’s life. Because of technological advancements, an individual connects to other persons situated thousands of kilometers away. They also help to surf the Internet, send emails, play games, and even make video calls. The latest mobiles comprise fantastic cameras that click pictures. With time, mobile phones have become more useful, thinner, and slimmer. The latest mobile phones in today’s generations have become so helpful that they replace computers and laptops. The latest addition to the list of phones is the New iPhone 11, the latest version of the classic iPhone.


What Is New iPhone 11?

The New iPhone 11 is the latest version of the series. The iPhone manufactured by Apple Inc. These smartphones differ from other mobiles as they run IOS operating system.

What Is The Release Date for New iPhone 11?

The release date of the New iPhone 11 is September 10, 2019. It predicts that the preorder date for iPhone 11 is September 13 and the sale date is September 20. This is a rumor as till now; Apple has not given an official announcement for the time of release.

Features of New iPhone 11

Let us discuss the fantastic features of the New iPhone 11.

Three Camera Lenses

The Apple iPhone available in the market comprises superb cameras. But in contrast to other smartphones like Google Pixel 3 and Huawei P30 Pro. The iPhone cameras cannot click good pictures in low light. To compete with other smartphones, Apple, in its new version of the phone, provides three camera lenses. It is a notion that iPhone 11 has a standard lens, wide-angle lens, and zoom cameras.



The new version of the phone comprises an A13bionic chip that is more powerful compared to the older X and XS Max. The enhanced translates to better processing power and excellent graphics performance.

Ram and Storage Capacity

There is an upgrade in the ram capacity of the new version of the phone. In contrast to the iPhone X, XR, and XS Max, the new version of the phone comprises 6GB of ram. There is also an upgrade in the storage capacity for the new version of the phone. There is a notion that the 11 have various options of storage capacity like 128GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

Design with A Twisting Notch

The iPhone 11 comprises the same notch design as it contains in the older version of iPhone X. There is a notion that the notch might sink. Apple considers combining the front cameras along with face ID components. Apple condenses the front cameras and thus reduces the size of the notch.

LED and LCD Display

The new Apple comprises led and LCD. There is a notion that the new version of the phone consists of 3x OLED retina display. Similarly, along with this, it comprises 2x LCD retina display.

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