Learning Apps For Android – 10 Best(Updated 2019)

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Considering how much time we spend on our phones it isn’t TMI that there are various learning Apps made available to us. Android brings a whole collection of elaborate apps that facilitate the process of learning. While some apps are better than the others, there’s an app for everyone. You can select from a wide range depending on your demands. Learn through apps and learn at your convenience.

Amazon Kindle Learning Apps – Digital Library

One of the more traditional learning apps available. This service brings together an un-recorded number of reference guides, cook-books, how-to-books, novels, self-help books, test books and more into one digital plate. One is only command to download them and enjoy the read. While some materials are available for free, some others come for a price.

However, with a good amount of space, it’s not only convenient but also eco-friendly. For those who wouldn’t want to invest in a kindle, play store books and Nook are a few practical alternatives. Moreover most works are affordable. The concentration of most written documents in one platform is unique and appreciated.

 Learning Apps For Android - 10 Best(Updated 2019)

Learning Apps For Android – 10 Best(Updated 2019)

Coursera Learning Apps – Online school

It is more or less an online school. With a variety of lessons and classes, you’re free to pick your interests. In other words it offers over a thousand courses on all possible subjects. Competition of a course is also followed by certification in the same. Furthermore, it’s a heart warming combination of traditional and modern learning methods.

Duolingo Learning Apps- Language Expert

This app came to forefront around 2014. It’s been in the spotlight ever since. Moreover, this app is your road to learning languages in the most efficient way. With simple to advance classes, there is a place for you to fit in and adapt. It supports all major languages. With no advertisements and free service, the app remains unbeatable and an audience favorite.

Khan Academy Learning App – Course Bucket

A famous online resource centre for learning. With traditional subjects and the frequent updation of the courses. This platform keeps itself dynamic and dependable. In addition to that it grants access to more than 10,000 videos and lessons. Moreover, it is a free platform that offers multiple course options, Khan academy sure has got a lot in stock for leaning.

LinkedIn Learning App – Become A Professional

A more trendier learning platform. It carries a more professional set of courses and tutorials. The simple user friendly interface is a major strength. It helps enhance office skills, creativity and a wide array of skill sets. Furthermore, it comes with offline support.

 Learning Apps For Android - 10 Best(Updated 2019)

Learning Apps For Android – 10 Best(Updated 2019)

Photomath Learning App – Math Made simple

A focused learning app that allows you to learn the most easily feared subjects out there-math. In other words it makes use of OCR technology to read equations and provides answers. It guides you step by step through procedures to solve problems.However, it is  a free platform such as this not only helps you with your home work but also breaks down complexities and teach you the right way.

Solo Learn – Speak The Computer Language

They come with a huge selection of learning apps on computer programming. The web languages like HTML,Python,Java and C++ are taught. In other words, each language comes with it’s advances app and is free. However, You advance slowly and receive education that’s worth a lot of money for free over the screen.


A popular course-style learning app. Focuses primarily on skill based learning. Courses on Adobe apps, Microsoft,  public speaking etc. with video lessons and examples. However, this process of learning is made super easy.

Learning Apps- Wolfram Alpha

A scholar app with a minimal subscription rate. Carries a ton of topics. From math, statistics, data analysis, astronomy and plenty more, you’re not held back from choosing as many courses as you aspire to learn. You can always ask questions and it’ll answer and teach you. However, they also offer additional educational tools.

YouTube- Learning Apps

The most common and appreciated learning app available on the internet. From entertainment content to informative videos. Moreover, YouTube is known as the biggest video content distributor for nothing. From basic every day tasks to expert and high end demonstrations. this is your one stop destination. Furthermore, as a result for almost every search query, youtube is your friendly learning app.


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