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How To Speed Up Your Slow Smartphone

How To Speed Up Your Slow Smartphone

It’s really awful when your smartphone starts to become slow. You might notice that your phone is getting slow to even a simple task such as launching an app. When your phone starts to become slow it might be because of several things. A slow smartphone is usually the result of an outdated software, lack of internal storage, an errant app, or too many effects.

If you have a slow smartphone, don’t fret! Because there are ways to speed it up. Read on to learn how to speed up a slow smartphone below.

Delete or disable any unnecessary apps.

Most smartphone users like to download apps as much as they can. We download applications that we think are interesting but are not really useful in the long run. There’s nothing wrong with downloading apps especially if you plenty of internal storage. But if you don’t have enough storage, this apps will only cause your smartphone to become slow. Not to mention that some of these apps might be running in the background causing your phone to lag.

It’s best if you can get rid of those unnecessary apps in your phone. Uninstall the apps that you are not using anymore so you can free up storage space and memory usage.

Avoid using animations.

The animations in your interface can cause a smartphone to slow down. These effects may help make your phone look awesome and polished but in reality, they are just slowing down your phone. If you want to get the most out of your phone’s functionality, you better get rid of those animations in your interface.

Turn off automatic app updates.

The automatic updates and downloads in your smartphone maybe really helpful especially if you don’t want to update your phone manually. But you don’t really need to auto-update all your apps. You have to be smart about using your phone’s storage. Auto updates can fill up your limited phone’s storage pretty fast and will slow down your phone eventually.

Free up your phone’s storage.

One of the reasons why a phone slows down is because it nearing the limits of storage space. Aside from the apps you installed, your phone can also be loaded with numerous photos, videos, and other files.

You have to clean up your phone’s storage by deleting the photos, videos, and other files that you don’t need anymore. Because if you don’t, these things can affect your phone’s performance.

Soft reset.

If you think your smartphone is performing really weird, you can simply soft reset. A soft reset can clean up your phone’s memory usage and apps that are running in the background

Keep your phone up-to-date.

The most important update that you mustn’t miss for your phone is the over-the-air software updates. These over-the-air updates are usually meant to remove bugs and improve the performance of your phone. Be sure to check the latest software available for your phone and download it immediately.


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