Best Weather Apps And Weather Widgets For Android

Best Weather Apps And Weather Widgets For Android

Your day is dependant on the weather and weather apps come into the picture for this very reason. Weather apps and weather widgets on smartphones have been improving at a noticeable pace. They’re better, come with more details and more accurate information. We’ve curated some of the best weather apps to keep your happy soul’s sunny side up through the days. 


Weather – Best Rated Weather App

It has been around for a considerable amount of time and is the highest rated weather app. It comes with standard features like daily/hourly forecast updates. Moreover, it provides widgets and additional information. The design is simple and low key. Weather tracking for about 12 cities and supports 25 languages. The app comes free and the ads can be removed by paying a very small amount. 


Accuweather – Your Solid Weather App

It features the basics, including in-depth forecasts, hourly updates and alike. Features like radar and Android Wear support are widely appreciated. It has the MinuteCast feature. It predicts rain and has serviceable widgets. The app looks good and is one of the better all-round apps in the store. 


The Unique Weather App – Awesome Weather By YoWindow 

Say hello to one of the more flashier apps. It allows you to have your weather update with something as simple as a hand gesture. It brings to you the basics as well. It’s the most powerful. Simplicity stands out for the best of reasons. The app is available for free on play store, you can try it out with most of the features.

Best Weather Apps And Weather Widgets For Android

Best Weather Apps And Weather Widgets For Android

Carrot Weather – The Newer Weather App 

This one is our favorite as it features witty and sarcastic quotes. However, it has one of the most distinctive weather features. The app’s premium features take things up a notch. They include widgets with over 70 years of history. We recommend the yearly subscription as it makes the most sense, economically. 


Dark Sky – The Weather App With A Better Radar

While it did receive some backlash for its android version, the iOS one seemed to have left a mark. It features a quality radar and has an up-to-the-minute forecast. There are also widgets and the premium version is available for free. 


Google Feed – The Universal Weather App

The google assistant isn’t a usual weather app. You can simply ask for a weather update and it’s as brief or in-depth as you’d like. It doesn’t come with a lot of features. However, it’s perfect for quick checks. 

Best Weather Apps And Weather Widgets For Android

Best Weather Apps And Weather Widgets For Android

Yahoo Weather 

Yahoo Weather is available for free and comes with an aesthetic design. It comes with alerts, information, radar and more. Yahoo Weather provides keeps track of about 20 cities and shows gorgeous imagery. It is a bit flashy. It doesn’t require any in-app purchases. However, there are advertisements. 


What The Forecast?!! – The Favourite Weather App 

It is one of the newer apps. This app is screenshot worthy. With funny comments that describe the weather, this app entertains you every day. It has over 6600 phrases and it’s not shy to show them. The app includes a weekly forecast, current temperature, real feel and much more. It’s basic and stands out. The language may not be for everyone but that shouldn’t hold you back from it. 

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