Best Types Of Phone Cases For Your Smartphones -

Best Types Of Phone Cases For Your Smartphones

Best Types Of Phone Cases

Phone cases often vary in colors, shapes, and materials. As hundreds of new smartphones are being introduced every year, the number of phone cases being introduced to the market increases as well. There are so many phone cases right now that you are always sure to find one that fits your smartphone. But what are the best types of phone cases to look for? Which type of phone cases provides the best protection for your smartphone?

We will help you find out which type of phone case is the best one for you below.

Hybrid Cases

Hybrid phone cases combine style and protection for your phone. If you are looking for a phone case that has a stylish design but doesn’t compromise on protection, you should buy hybrid cases. Hybrid cases are usually soft and flexible. They are also capable of resisting impact to a certain level.

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Tough Armor Cases

If you are looking for cases that will provide maximum protection for your phone in case you drop it, you should consider buying tough armor phone cases. Tough armor cases combine a hard polycarbonate shell and an inner silicone layer to resist impact and absorb shock. These cases are noted for passing military-grade tests as proof of their durability.

If you don’t mind the bulk and weight that the tough armor phone cases can add up to your phone, they can really come in handy especially if you are prone to dropping your smartphone. Most tough armor phone cases today come with a beautiful and stylish design that makes them appropriate for all types of smartphones. Tough armor phone cases also increase your grip to reduce your chances of dropping your phone.

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Slim Cases

These are the most common and most-sought phone cases by many smartphone users around the world. Slim cases are often made from plastic or rubber and are usually available in multiple color options. They are also really cheap.

Slim cases provide a decent amount of protection for your smartphone. They can absorb shock really well and increases grip on your phone especially if your smartphone has an all-glass design. You can’t expect for slim cases to protect your phone though in case you drop it or soaked it in water. Slim cases are not waterproof and they only provide minimal protection against impact and shock.

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Rugged Cases

These are the cases that can certainly make your phone feel bulky and heavy. It can make a slim phone look like a brick once fitted with a rugged case. They also tend to hide the buttons on your phone. They can, however, provide excellent protection for your phone. Rugged phone cases add grip to your phone which will prevent you from dropping your phone. Most rugged phone cases are made from hard rubber which means they offer a good level of waterproofing.

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