Best Survival Apps For Android You Must Know 

Best Survival Apps For Android You Must Know 

Phones are easily the best of inventions but to make sure they last, you need the best of survival apps. They act best with networks and can easily turn useless without data. You hold on to the GPS and emergency services to get yourself in sync with civilization. However, you can always be better off with preparation. Here are the best survival apps to keep you through the rough roads you want to chase. 

Best Survival Apps For Android

Amazon Kindle – Survival App For Readers 

Easiest escape from boredom or routine is a book. They help you experience events and places in a budget. Amazon kindle, google books are some of the apps that’ll keep you going on slow and off-radar days in addition. They provide a whole range of books. Pick your favorite and download it. Enjoy the read on a bus trip, over a cliff or even in your bathtub. 


American Red Cross – Best Survival App For Your Safety 

This app has a lot of good survival apps. However, there are specific apps for first aid, floods, hurricanes, and more. They might not be the best for your wild expeditions. However, it does come in handy for situations that need you to be on your feet. They also support together with Spanish and are available for free.


Compass Steel 3D – Survival App For Directions

This is a competent compass app. It comes with no in-app purchases or advertising. It comes with a lot of features, including indicators for true north as well as magnetic north. Similarly, some others include sun and moon direction indicators, sunrise and sunset times, lunar cycle and more. Furthermore, it’s simple and comes with user-friendly calibration. 

Best Survival Apps For Android You Must Know 

Best Survival Apps For Android You Must Know


Flashlight+ – Stay Lit

 However, there are too many flashlight apps out there, we pick this one because it has a few benefits when compared. It is free and comes with no advertisements or in-app purchases. In addition, it also requires no additional permissions. Besides the one that turns on the LED flash on your phone camera. Most importantly, it doesn’t drain out your battery in this case and works well. 


HERE WeGo – Best Navigation App

A navigation app that works well. It has great offline support. In addition, you can always download your most frequent map routes and use them offline. The offline services are supported in over 100 countries. Furthermore, it’s completely free and easy to use. 


Offline Survival Manual 

One of the best survival apps. It includes basic things like making fire, finding food along with many others. Some other basic categories include basic medicine, plants, dangerous animals, situational guidance and basic weapon training. This is to have you ready for any of the adventures, you have in your mind. 


OpenSignal – Survival App 1.0.1

The app that helps you find a signal and does a lot more. It helps I’m tower detection, maps of nearby towers, mobile connection history along with an integrated speed test. It’s super helpful in finding the signal in difficult places. It’s a handy app to have and comes for free. 


Scanner Radio

The scanner radio is a useful app for information. It helps you contact the nearest police and fire scanners. Moreover, It also includes fires, crimes, and other emergency situations. There are more than 6500 stations featured. The free version comes with most of the features. It’s a fun way to keep up with all that’s happening around you. 

Best Survival Apps For Android You Must Know 

Best Survival Apps For Android You Must Know


Smart Tools – Best Survival App

This app carries about half a dozen tools for your smartphone including a ruler, distance measurement tool, unit converter and more. It’s super handy. The app is inexpensive also.


YouTube -Obvious Survival App

The one app solution to keep you entertained and well equipped. Therefore, from answers to some of your questions to tips for best survival techniques, YouTube has got you covered. From inputs from various places around the world, you’ve always got someone helping you out similarly. Pick your guides, download the videos and you’ve got nothing to worry about. 

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