Best Smartphone Buying Guide of 2020 -

Best Smartphone Buying Guide of 2020

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People who are not so technically well-informed may face a troubling time when purchasing a smartphone. There are so many specifications to take care of and compare that it is quite confusing. There are several things to keep in mind while purchasing a smartphone apart from the budget. 2020 has brought a lot of updated features in the world of smartphones. This smartphone buying guide will help you select the best phone of the year. 

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Best Smartphone Buying Guide of 2020

Smartphone Buying Guide – Check The Processor And RAM

The smartphone processor is the most crucial thing in the device. It is like the brain of the phone that controls all other functions. Smartphone processors have Artificial Intelligence to make them as smart as they are. The better is the processor, the faster is the phone. The latest processor in Samsung phones is Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990. Always check for the latest processor while buying a smartphone as it is directly related to the performance. If you are tight on budget, buy phones with a mid-range processor like Snapdragon 675 or MediaTek Helio G90T. 

High RAM is essential for the performance of a phone. The Operating System uses the RAM to run all the applications. When you have more RAM, you can store many apps without suffering from slow speed and hanging. While 4GB of RAM has become the basic necessity these days, you can even find 6GB to 8GB in the high-end phones. Some models even have as great as 12GB of RAM. Choose the RAM based on your needs and how many applications you wish to run. People who look for high powered usage should go for 6GB, which light to moderate browsing and chatting can be done with 4GB. 

Look For High Storage Space

The most important part of a phone is the storage. There is no end to downloading apps and storing files on the phone for people in this current generation. The current standard in 2020 is 64 GB. Anything below that is strictly for those with low usage. High-end phones present as large as 128 GB and 512 GB of storage space. 

Smartphone Buying Guide – Look For Good Display Features

Choose the screen size as wide as you would like your phone to be. Nowadays, some models have even touched 6.9 inches of screen size. Select the screen size based on your convenience. Anything above 5.7 inches is always recommended. Coming to the type of screens, you can choose AMOLED or LCD. Samsung phones these days have a Super AMOLED screen for better color contrast. While almost all phones come with Gorilla 5 or 6 screens, use another layer of screen guard or case to protect the phone from damages. Lastly, choose either a Full HD resolution or the even more advanced Quad HD for clearer images if your budget permits.

Smartphone Buying Guide – Settle For Powerful Battery Life

A phone isn’t useful if it runs out of battery too soon. No matter how power-packed with features a phone is, it has to run for a considerable time before dying. Nobody likes to plug in their phones to the power bank or charging outlet every hour. With normal to heavy internet usage, a standard smartphone should last at least 6 hours of battery life. High budget phones push the limit to 8 to 10 hours.  

Look For Excellent Camera Quality

Almost all phones in 2020 have multi-cameras and a high-resolution front camera. The rear cameras have a primary lens, a portrait lens, and a wide-angle lens. Based on whether you wish to use your phone camera to hone your photography skills, prioritize the camera features. Look for both sensor size and megapixel-count to enjoy the best quality photos. Also, make sure the phone has a Portrait mode to capture spectacular DSLR like images. Read reviews about the camera of a phone before settling for a model. 

Best Smartphone Buying Guide of 2020
Best Smartphone Buying Guide of 2020

Apart from these main features, there are various other things to consider, such as the stereo speaks, Dual SIM facility, Fingerprint sensor, UI, etc. Compare the best phones in your budget to select the one that suits your requirements to the most considerable extent.

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