Best Small And Compact Phones To Buy In 2019


Small and compact phones once dominated the market, but larger handsets available at high prices have now replaced them. It is only once in a blue moon when some company announces the launch of a smaller-sized and compact model. The present are times when it is not just hard to use a small phone, but all the most difficult to create a list of such phones available in the market. Small and squeezed models in this category hardly exist. Let us have a look at the few impressive phones you can still avail of.

Best Small And Compact Phones To Buy In 2019
Best Small And Compact Phones To Buy In 2019
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Small And Compact Phones: Apple iPhone 11 Pro

This top performance phone with a great camera and long battery life would be a great device for you, provided you can afford it. Its ultra-wide camera, good battery life, and Night Mode feature for low-light photo sessions make it one small bundle of entertainment and fun.

Of course, the built quality of this device is class featuring stainless steel framing. The phone possesses the ability to withstand adverse elements in a better way, all because of its water-resistant feature. There is no other phone that will work better for you than the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, especially if you are bent on getting a small phone that fits your pocket, both physically and financially.

Small And Compact Phones: Google Pixel 4

If you are in the lookout of a small phone with exclusive software features, then the Google Pixel 4 is for you. It comes with an impressive 90Hz display screen and a good quality camera. Besides these features, some other hardware features make this device the best compact Android smartphone available right now in the market. The phone will serve you very well if you do not mind the price and thick bezels.

Features like 3D face unlock, and Snapdragon 855 are exclusively aimed towards making the phone saleable and attractive. Google always ensures its devices receive special treatment in the field of software, and this phone is successful in grabbing this objective. One good feature of this device is its second camera on the rear side. The company has added a 2X telephoto camera this time for super amazing coming potentials. However, you get the zooming quality only when you use the camera in combination with Google’s hybrid zoom tech.

Best Small And Compact Phones To Buy In 2019
Best Small And Compact Phones To Buy In 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is a phone specifically designed for individuals looking for something compact and small. This phone features the pedigree of the other Samsung phones with some new compromises. It has a flat-screen with curved edges, but this time, the phone does not have features like in-display fingerprint sensor and a telephoto camera that Samsung’s phones are known for.

Sony Xperia 5

If you are thinking that adding this name would do nothing but stretch the list of small phones, you are wrong. Because the Sony Xperia is a narrow device. The phone features standard flagship specifications Sony is known for: three rear cameras and Snapdragon 855.

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