Best Navigation Apps in 2018 for Travelers

Best Navigation Apps in 2018

Relying on navigation apps is a common trend among many travelers especially if you are traveling to a foreign country. Navigation apps give you plenty of accurate information along with your ways such as traffic reports, additional routes, construction delays, weather reports, and many more. If you are looking to use a navigation on your future travels, here are the most popular options you can choose from.

Best for Traffic Reports: Waze

One of the most annoying parts about traveling to a major city is having to sit on your car for how many hours because of traffic. But if you use Waze, it is now possible for you to avoid heavy traffic ahead of your path. Waze can give you voice directions that will keep you away from traffic. The app crowdsources any kind of information that will cause a delay with other users and display them to you using icons. Waze can detect delays such as:

  • Accidents
  • Road or weather hazards
  • Road closures
  • Speed cameras
  • Police

The app also allows you to report traffic conditions you can spot along the way to other users either by email or text.

Best All Around: Google Maps

Google Maps is still the go-to navigation apps used by most people around the world. The app can give you pretty much everything you need if you want to go to a certain destination. It provides accurate maps for drivers and information on the nearest public transportations as well as pedestrian information. All this information is displayed in an interface that is pretty easy to use.

If you are looking for free navigation apps, Google Maps is the best one you can get. It even outperforms its biggest rivals, the Apple Maps, significantly. The app even allows you to download maps so you can still access them even if you’re offline.

Best for Road Trips: inRoute

If you’re looking to find a navigation app that will assist you in your road trips, inRoute is the one you’re looking for. inRoute is a type of navigation app that allows you to add new stops along the way. These stops can be any kind of points of interest along your routes such as restaurants, diners, gas stations, motels, or famous landmarks.

Aside from the stopovers, inRoute also provides cool weather and elevation reports, that should give drivers plenty of information of what kind of terrain lies ahead.

Best for Offline Use: CoPilot

Most navigation apps don’t work when you don’t have an internet connection. Aside from that, these apps also like to drain most of your smartphone battery. But with CoPilot, you don’t need to be connected to the internet anymore because you can now simply download the maps you want online and access them later on offline. CoPilot also features voice directions as well as the ability to switch routes.

Download any of these navigation apps now so you can easily arrive at your destination. Just be careful when driving though!

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