Best Apps For Writers

Best Apps For Writers

Writing is not as easy as most people think. It requires you to do a lot of brainstorming, and more than that, you also need to keep every well-organized.

The article or books have to be written in the best manner. The reason is that reading is not the most enjoyable activity for everyone. With that, what you have written must be in its best form. Otherwise, no one will bother to read it.

The moment you send it to magazines and other publications, the editor perhaps will not even give it the time of the day the moment he sees that the title or even the first paragraph of what you have written is not any good.

There was a time when writing was the most difficult thing in the world. For starters, you have to spend lots of time in the library doing research for what you want to write. During that time, libraries were pretty far away. With that, writing really means that you are going to do some traveling.

Another thing is that there was nothing to help you write yet. You have to do it by yourself. Writers of this generation are surely lucky. We already have tons of apps and services online that can help us make the most of what we want to write about.

Let me tell you about my favorite apps that I consider being a great deal of help in all my articles and blogs.

The Brainstormer

Unfortunately, there has been technology that has prevented writers from having writer’s block yet. It is something that we need to go through if we want to move forward with our career as writers.

The only perk we have these days is that we have more opportunities to get rid of writer’s block more easily. It was pretty difficult to get over this block in the past.

One app that can help writers with their writer’s block is The Brainstormer. What you will find in this app is a sort of wheel that you only need to spin. Once you do that, there will be a combination of different words that you can use as writing prompts.


We all know that nothing will ever happen to you if you ever try to immediately write an idea after it crosses your mind. Writing is not that easy. Writing involves lots of brainstorming. With that, if you want to write an effective piece, you need to outline your idea. You need to make it revolve around something. It has to be absolutely solid.

Mindnode is a wonderful tool to do that. People are not always good at keeping things only in their memory, not even the best of writers. With that, this tool becomes handy in letting you connect and take notes of your ideas.

List For Writers

This one is probably my favorite. We all know that there is more to writing than what meets the eye.

There has to be a lot of plots, characters, setting, and so on. Coming up with all of them can be a bit difficult. This app can be a great heap of help for doing that. It creates suggestions for names and plots. And just like The Brainstormer, this one can also help with writing prompts.


All writers know that focus is the most underrated skill, but even they have problems maintaining their focus at times.

With that, here is one wonderful app that can keep them preoccupied with music. Writers have their own style. Certain kinds of music can help them be at ease. It can help them write better articles and have better focus. Spotify happens to have all the best kinds of playlists that any writer can listen to.

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