Best Apps For People Who Are Trying To Lose Weight

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There was a time when people thought that the only way to lose weight was through intense exercise. While this is no doubt a very effective way to get rid of all the excess fat in your body, it is most certainly not the only way.

As a matter of fact, these days, there are already mixed methods of how you can diminish your body fat. If you want to become thinner a lot faster, then you need to do mixed methods. To do that, people often visit a nutritionist. By doing so, they will be given a ton of advice about the number of calories that they should consume per day. They will be given some guidance on what to eat and not eat every day.

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The thing with the latter is that it can be a bit expensive. These days, there are already tons of apps in the Play Store that you can download for free so that you can lose weight much faster. These are some of the weight loss apps that I cherish so much.

Lose It!

You just need to give a small background of yourself, and then the app will analyze how much you currently weigh and what you need to do in order to get back into shape. For example, you will be given tips on how long and how often you need to work out each day, not to mention your calorie limit per day.


When you buy food from the grocery, it is perfectly easy to keep track of the food that you can eat. There are nutrition details at the back of the package where you can see how much calories the product contains.

But you cannot always do this. There are certain foods sold in the market that do not advise customers how much calories are in the product.

When you eat those kinds of food, there will certainly be a time when you will fall into the trap of eating high-calorie or fattening foods.

One good thing about this app is that it has a complete list of all the foods that are available in the market. What you can do with this app is that you can list your daily diet. With that, you will be able to calculate how many calories you are consuming.

Apart from that, there are also free exercise guides. These guides will tell you which kind of exercise should be used depending on what part of the body you want to lose fat.


The app from above tracks calorie intake, but this one tracks your exercise and other activities. If you know just how many calories you are to the consumer per day, then it is most likely that you also know how much exercise you need to lose weight.

The problem is that there is usually no way for you to know if you have already done enough exercise. Well, this app can help with that.

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