Apps And Smartphones Functions You Need To Know -

Apps And Smartphones Functions You Need To Know

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If you ask anyone, life has become more comfortable with the use of smartphones. Interestingly, smartphones do not only make life more comfortable and convenient. Do you know you can be in all places at a time? Well, it may sound entirely impossible since everyone is just one human entity. But this is beyond physical presence. Come to think about it if you are in one place but can receive information on what is going on in other places. The truth is that smartphones have brought the world much closer than anyone could ever think of. In the same way, information has become easily accessible through smartphone functions. You can stay in the convenience of your home and get information on whatever you need through a single tap on your smartphone.

Despite all the beauties of smartphones that we have explained above, it should be noted that smartphones are not smart by themselves. And like we said, some functions must be integrated into your smartphone that will help you navigate a list of functions on it. In other words, your smartphone does not have the ability to use itself unless you apply a series of commands. This means that leveraging a smartphone goes beyond just clicking on the screen. There are some sub-systems and small machines that work on your phone that makes it possible for it to work as you want it to.

Consider a situation where there are no applications on your phone. It stops being a smartphone! Applications are what enable your smartphone to work according to the specific duties that the applications perform.  To enjoy your smartphone and enjoy the world of opportunities that it offers, you need to have smartphone apps that work with it. The apps can either be inbuilt; that is, they come with the smartphone right from the manufacture. Those are the ones you will see on the phone after purchase. The apps can also be downloaded or transferred. You can either download them from the internet or share them from another smartphone. What the case is, smartphone apps are essential components of any smartphone.

Smartphone Apps List

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Every smartphone comes with an array of apps to get you started. However, you can improve the device’s functions by having some other apps that will help you enjoy its use. Below is a smartphone apps list that will help you improve the functions and capacities of your smartphone. Getting these apps into your phone is easy. You can share them from another phone or download them from recognized sites that are safe and secure.

· Microsoft apps like Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Launcher, Office Lens, Authenticator, and Remote Desktop.

· CamScanner

· YouTube

· Adobe apps; Acrobat, Illustrator, and Scan.

· Social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

· Reddit

· Google Drive, Google assistant/Google Search, Google Translate, and Google Podcasts

· Tasker

· WiFi Analyzer

· Dropbox

· Plex

· Snapseed

· VLC Player

· Evernote

· Browsers like UC Browser, Chrome, Opera Mini·         Game applications to help you enjoy your free time.

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