Best Free iPhone Apps

Best Free iPhone Apps

The App Store is home to over 1.5 million free iPhone apps. Not to mention that this number just keeps increasing every year. With so many apps to choose from it can be really hard to track the best ones.

In this article, we’ll help you find the best free iPhone apps. Below is a list of free iPhone apps that we’ve gathered so you can fully enjoy your newest iPhone!


If you are the kind of person who loves to make his travel plans neat and organized, then you should find TripIt really useful for you. Whether it’s booking a flight, purchasing event tickets, or making restaurant reservations, you can all forward this information to the TripIt, and all of them will be then added to your itinerary.

TripIt is also one of the free iPhone apps that allows you to synchronize your schedule with other calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple’s calendar app.

The Weather Channel

Get your daily weather reports from the one of the most popular free iPhone apps, The Weather Channel app. This app will provide you with a fully detailed weather report every morning. The Weather Channel also gives you hourly weather updates and weather predictions for the next 10 days.

The app also provides extra information such as allergy and virus alerts and road conditions.


If you love photography so much and you want to show off all the pictures you’ve taken, Instagram is where you should want to be. This free iPhone app allows you to take pictures of almost anything you like and then share it with your friends or to the public. People who are following you on Instagram can like and comment on your photos. The app also allows you to follow your favorite celebrities, search for specific pictures or people, or browse through trending topics on the social media.


If you are having trouble remembering all your passwords, you can use 1Password to keep all your unique password in one location. This free iPhone app allows you to store all your unique passwords. 1Password also allows you to make new complex passwords for you to use without having to memorize them. The only password you’ll need to memorize from now on is the one you use to log in into 1Password. This is one of the must-have free iPhone apps you can download right now because of its usefulness and the convenience it provides.


MyFitnessPal is another must-have free iPhone app that can be really useful for people who want to lose or gain some weight. It is a great app for monitoring your fitness.

This app gives you plenty of fitness information such as daily calorie intake, calories burned, steps are taken, and many more. The best thing about MyFitnessPal though is that it allows you to connect with your friends and share daily fitness activities together with them.

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