Freelancers: Best Apps

Best Apps For Freelancers

Best Apps For Freelancers

No one from decades ago would have believed that they could earn a living straight from their home. As sad as it may sound, there was a time when the only way people could earn money was by getting a degree and finding a job.

But through the passing of time, technology evolved and evolved. It did not take long before the things that we could only do manually in past can now be done only by the push of a button. Let me give you an example. There was a time when people had to walk for miles in order to arrive at their destination, but then people realized that they could ride their stallions so that they can arrive at their desired location.

The development in technology did not stop there. Everything changed when someone invented the first wheel. That was the first time that pulls carts were invented. At that time, a simple pull cart was already considered cool. But then people took technology to greater heights. Now we already have automatic cars.

Going back to the freelancer topic, there was also a time when freelancers had to come to different offices to apply for their freelance gigs. Some of them also need to come to the office for about two to three hours per day as part of their freelance services.

But these days, the internet has made the world a smaller and more flexible place. People can now do their freelance gigs from their home, but working from home is not as simple as it seems. Lucky for us, we now have loads of mobile apps that can help is become more efficient with our freelance gigs.


Every freelancer wants to impress their clients with superb output, but before you can do that, you need to get hired for the job yet.

Lots of freelancers are ecstatic to get hired for the job that they sometimes skip the part where they need to make sure that the bid or cover letter that they will send is spotless or error-free. If you are someone who is unsure how to come up with the best bid then Bidsketch is the thing for you.

There are loads of templates of professional bids that you can either emulate or customize to your own likes.


No matter what you do, the only way for your workload to be more comfortable is if you had a decent plan for how you are going to accomplish them.

Cushion is an app that lets freelancers schedule and organizes their workload for the day. You can also put notes on delay payments.


Working from home has been a trend these days, but since you do not work in an office and the management cannot keep track of your work, lots of clients would often hire full-time freelancers under the condition that they would log in the hours that they have worked through a time tracker app.

Toggl so happens to be one of the best time tracker apps to date. Just with a single click, you can already track the time that you have worked. You can even track your time even though you are not connected to the internet. On top of that, you can also send pie charts of your time worked to your client.


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